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  • Top 12 easy tips for weight loss !!

    In Health Tips On 29 August 2018

    Do you want  to lose weight but no time to go to gym ?? most of the people today are having sedentary jobs and hectic schedule whereas loosing weight requires time commitment and management which becomes difficult at times. In this sedentary pattern & lifestyle people tend to gain weight easily. Consult with a best Nutritionist in Mumbai ,Pune for weightloss diet , click here Use these simple weight loss tricks which will help you to loose your weight fast... 1. Drink plenty of water: Water is a super nutrient. Drinking water before meals may reduce appetite and makes you feel full which can decrease calorie intake, leading to weight loss. You should drink at least 4 to 5 litres of water each day. 2. Don't skip breakfast: Skipping breakfast causes you to become very hungry so that you overeat later in the day. So make sure to kick start your day with  healthy breakfast. Your breakfast should be rich in proteins & carbohydrates to keep you strong & full of energy whole day. 3.Stay active as possible : Go for a walk in your lunch break at work place. Walk up and down the stairs in your building a few times. Do yoga & exercise daily. The more you are active the more you are healthy  !! 4. Mindful Eating : Mindful Eating is eating with attention and right intention. It is eating with the intention to care for yourself. Take smaller plate so that portion is controlled. Chew your food properly relishing every bite. 5. Breath deeply: More you breathe more calmer you become by calming your mind and balancing your body. A balanced body has a good metabolism, it aids in digestion, which can help you lose weight. 6. Avoid unhealthy snacks like sodas/junk : Toss out the junk food and go for fruits/nuts as they are full of nutrients and great source of energy. Prefer having lemon juice, coconut water , lassi  & smoothies to make you hydrated. 7. Make your meals colorful : Include different types of veggies with your meals. Especially make your dinner light and fiber rich. Fibre rich foods helps to prevent constipation. 8. Lastly ..Believe in yourself: Have faith that you already have an ideal weight. Have faith in your ability to receive your desire. Be grateful for having lost the weight. Be grateful for having your ideal body. Do all of these things from the point of view that you have already lost weight. That is the secret to using the Law of Attraction for weight loss success. 9. Eat vegetables with every meal - Vegetables contain various essential nutrients like fibre, vitamins, Minerals etc. Make sure you include green veggies like spinach, broccoli, methi , etc. Including vegetables in daily meals makes a balanced diet. 10. Prefer fruits - Instead of craving for oily French fries, pakodas try to eat seasonal fruits like Apples, mango, banana or you can make juice out of fresh fruits. Fruits are packed  with essential nutrients & loaded with antioxidants which helps to prevent diseases like diabetes, hypertension etc. 11. Eat protein rich diet Proteins are very important to maintain healthy growth & muscles.  They are building blocks for maintaining organs in good condition. Try eating proteins with high biological values like eggs, chicken , lean meat. For Vegetarian people you can substitute it with soya chunks, nuggets, soymilk contains good amounts of proteins . 12. Measure yourself regularly It's a great advice that you should weigh yourself  regularly so that you are seriously conscious about yourself  & don't endup consuming those extra harmful calories !! So let's make it happen !!

  • How to control Blood pressure

    In Health Tips On 06 November 2018

    Blood pressure is most prevalent disorder after the age of around 40....Almost in every family there is at least 1  person suffering from this problem... This could be caused due to poor lifestyle or genetic inheritance. Here Iam sharing few tips to lower your increased BLOOD PRESSURE. Do a Structured and REGULAR workout. The regular workouts make heart and body stronger. Even a brisk walk for 30 mins or strength training will do. Say good bye to food items like farmed fish, frozen food, red meat, chicken, and usual vegetable oils in your diet... Include Dark chocolate as a part of your diet. Consume food that contains potassium . E.g. yogurt, peaches, muskmelon, figs and oranges. Consume sufficient water and juices daily. Water and healthy juices  play a significant role in flushing out the body toxins. Consume fish rich in omega 3. Even soft fish oil supplementations can be a perfect pick. They are completely safe and harmless. Include Soybeans and other soyfoods in your diet as they also have an abundance of heart-healthy nutrients that can decrease blood pressure. Consumption of dietary fibres are very important to control B.P. Normal B.P levels are 120/80 mm hg , so levels should be under these reference range . Foods like Chia seeds, flax seeds, olives, Dietary fibres , dates, Oats or barley helps to control blood pressure. Consult a Qualified Nutritionist to get a Customised diet plan , click here Mostly stress is the major factor for hypertension problem.  It's necessary to manage your sress levels ...keep relax . The more the body is relaxed more it's healthier... Calcium rich foods should be included in the diet . Bananas contain potassium which lowers blood pressure . Avocados are wonder fruits which are packed with multi nutrients to control B.P Early morning you can have a cup of lemon + hibiscus tea to control it detoxifies the body and contains antioxidants.  Exercising , yoga , walking  are  the best remedies to control blood pressure . More importantly...MAKE simple LIFESTYLE CORRECTIONS by modifying your diet & managing stress.

  • Beat the plateau !!

    In Health Tips On 14 January 2019

    I am doing everything possible by not even losing a gram or inch. Surely you must have heard this statement umpteen number of times because weight loss is the most common topic of interest these days be it among the young or old. But more common than that is reaching the plateau during your weight loss process. People try all sorts of fads and follow every possible myth to get there but least they realize is that following the right thing is the easiest way to reach their target. It does not require working out in the gym for three hours or starving yourself to death. All it takes is the correct method of workout and a proper individually designed diet plan to get your dream body. Let us see some top reasons for plateau and how to deal with them. For Diet chart click here 1. No weight training: many people do not do weight training thinking that it is only meant for people who want a muscular body. This is the biggest myth. Weight training is the only sure shot way to increase your muscle mass. Muscle is that tissue in the body which controls your metabolism. More muscle means higher resting metabolic rate and faster fat burning even when you are not exercising. Weight lifting atleast 3 days a week is a must to jump start your metabolism. With very light weights do not expect too much weight loss; medium to heavy weights is what will do the magic. 2. Consistent cardio: This stops having an effect on weight loss after a point. Instead of steady state cardio which means staying at the same setting for most part of your workout be it treadmill, elliptical, jogging etc, you can opt for high intensity interval training which means challenging your heart to pump harder and then bringing it back to normal. For example walking on the treadmill at the speed of 6 for 3 mins and running at the speed of 9 for 1 minute. Doing this for 30 minutes can give you a great deal of workout thereby increasing your metabolism. 3. Repetition in workout: doing the same thing over and over again slows down weight loss as the body gets used to it and becomes so efficient in doing it, that it uses very little calories for the exercise routine. Bring about variation in your exercise pattern every few days to confuse the muscles which require more energy while working out. Example you can switch between weight lifting, cardio, circuit training, dancing etc to keep your body guessing what is coming up next.  4. Skipping breakfast and other meals: breakfast really important as without it, research says you land up with severe hunger pangs forcing you to eat more than you require during the later half of the day adding on the calories and lack of morning nourishment can slow you down causing fewer calories burned, halting the weight loss process. Skipping other meals during the day with the thought that it may help pull down weight is again a myth as skipping meals causes muscle breakdown, slows your metabolism and puts you in a starvation mode, where your body holds on to calories and stores it as fat for lean times. Try to eat 5-6 small meals throughout the day to prevent crash in metabolism. 5. Lack of protein in the diet: people turning primarily vegetarian causes a lack of protein the diet. Protein being the building block for the muscles, it is necessary to provide atleast 1-1.2gm protein/day to help in the wear and tear of the muscles thereby helping them grow and increase metabolism. Protein post workout is extremely important as there is window period of 30 minutes where your muscles are hungry and take up the protein for their repair. Bedtime protein in the form of slim milk, protein shake etc also helps to repair the muscles overnight while your asleep. 6. Not enough calories: you might be working out rigorously but following a very low calorie diet plan, it is not sufficient to fuel your workout, causing a drop in the metabolism as compensation. Just up your calories and see how your metabolism fires back helping you lose weight. 7. Lack of sleep: not many people are aware than sleeping well plays an imperative role in helping you shape your body the way you want to. Sleeping for 7-8 hours in complete darkness releases growth hormone which is a natural fat burner. Lack of sleep slows you down and your metabolism affecting weight loss process. Now if you have figured out where you are going wrong, just rectify it and see the magic of weight loss unfolding itself.

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