How to control Blood pressure

How to control Blood pressure

By Nausheen Shaikh  on: 06 November 2018
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Blood pressure is most prevalent disorder after the age of around 40....Almost in every family there is at least 1  person suffering from this problem...

This could be caused due to poor lifestyle or genetic inheritance.

Here Iam sharing few tips to lower your increased BLOOD PRESSURE.

Do a Structured and REGULAR workout. The regular workouts make heart and body stronger. Even a brisk walk for 30 mins or strength training will do.

Say good bye to food items like farmed fish, frozen food, red meat, chicken, and usual vegetable oils in your diet...

Include Dark chocolate as a part of your diet.

Consume food that contains potassium . E.g. yogurt, peaches, muskmelon, figs and oranges.

Consume sufficient water and juices daily. Water and healthy juices  play a significant role in flushing out the body toxins.

Consume fish rich in omega 3. Even soft fish oil supplementations can be a perfect pick. They are completely safe and harmless.

Include Soybeans and other soyfoods in your diet as they also have an abundance of heart-healthy nutrients that can decrease blood pressure.

Consumption of dietary fibres are very important to control B.P.

Normal B.P levels are 120/80 mm hg , so levels should be under these reference range .

Foods like Chia seeds, flax seeds, olives, Dietary fibres , dates, Oats or barley helps to control blood pressure. Consult a Qualified Nutritionist to get a Customised diet plan , click here

Mostly stress is the major factor for hypertension problem.  It's necessary to manage your sress levels ...keep relax .

The more the body is relaxed more it's healthier...

Calcium rich foods should be included in the diet .

Bananas contain potassium which lowers blood pressure .

Avocados are wonder fruits which are packed with multi nutrients to control B.P

Early morning you can have a cup of lemon + hibiscus tea to control it detoxifies the body and contains antioxidants.

 Exercising , yoga , walking  are  the best remedies to control blood pressure .


More importantly...MAKE simple LIFESTYLE CORRECTIONS by modifying your diet & managing stress.


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